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Wallpaper is the perfect way to add dimension to a space, allowing you to bring in color and texture simultaneously. 

Art instantly makes a room feel more thought out and complete. Katherine's intent for this wallpaper collection was to merge her bold abstract art with her love for design, creating a wallpaper collection that can tie together all the elements in a room; creating a unity of design. A small change, but a huge impact, wallpaper can transform your whole space.

Let's create walls that wow and rooms that bring you constant feelings of joy.

- Katherine



Wallpaper feels like a commitment, but this doesn't have too. Designed for DIY installation, removable wallpaper has the look and feel of real wallpaper with none of the headaches. This is a renter's dream come true!



Ready to commit? Traditional wallpaper is for you. With all traditional wallpaper however, we strongly encourage leaving the installation up to the pros and hiring a professional wallpaper installer.

let's create walls that wow!

- Katherine

introducing to you

KF Original
Art Wallpaper

Meet "Tillie"

"Your home should be a place where you want to spend time. My hope for this collection is to bring KF original art onto your walls in a new way, creating an atmosphere in each room that is pretty & playful leaving a lasting impression on each of your guests."

- Katherine

Meet "Conrad"

Meet "Olive"

Meet "Eloise"

Meet "Florence"

Meet "Silas"

Meet "Poppy"


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"This wallpaper collection is art for your walls! No better first impression for our foyer!"

- Art Collector