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I'm Katherine

Just like the French Impressionist Matisse repeatedly said, “I want to make paintings so serenely beautiful that when one comes upon them, suddenly all problems subside.” With inspiration drawn from color, texture, interior design and contrasting elements, I strive to create abstract contemporary art pieces intended to illuminate your home and spirit.  

You’ll find my pieces cloaked in the most brilliant oil pastels, watercolors, acrylic, and oil paints. Imploring the use of these mediums allows me to construct art that is equally tranquil and dynamic. My vision has always remained the same - to enhance your spaces with heirloom art pieces that spark wonder and soothe the soul. 

My Favorite Things

01: My Family

My whole world in one photograph. My greatest challenge, joy, gift, opportunity, privilage and purpose - there is no greater honor than being their mom and a wife.

02: The Beach

My happy place - unending inspiration, to feel peaceful and energized all at the same time. 

03: Blue and Green

I am forever drawn to blues and greens. They inspire me, make me feel at peace, and remind me of the beach.

04: Design

I am so in love with layers, tiny details, color and warmth. I am constantly feeling inspired by interior design.

05: Coffee

You got that right - coffee! A hot one (or two) in the morning and an iced in the afternoon for a nice little pick-me-up and I am ready to go!

06: Tulips

Fresh tulips are always the way to my heart!

about collecting

My collectors feel color. They cloak their homes in items that bring them joy. It has always been my absolute pleasure to be a part of that. 

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