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Baby Registry Must-Haves


October 24, 2019


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You asked so I am going to share our favorite (and most necessary) baby registry items. Registering for a baby can be completely overwhelming. My goal was to limit ourselves to the basics and things that we were really going to use. Our house is not huge, therefore there is limited space for storage. So these are the things over the last ten months that I couldn’t live without (and maybe a few things that we could live without but we just love so much!)

Baby Gear

Baby Monitor– We actually had a different one that was more expensive at first but it kept turning off in the middle of the night so i returned it. This monitor has been great and the wifi travels so far! I can paint in my studio while Palmer is napping, its amazing! (Better than the original that I had which was Project Nursery)

Stroller– This stroller is literally worth every penny!!

CarseatWe looked at a bunch of different ones and the reason I loved this one so much was because of the flexibility of moving it between cars. You don’t have to have the base with it, so it was perfect for traveling!

Pack and Play – This can literally be put up in seconds and collapsed just as quickly. Its great for travel, but also a good play pen for when baby becomes more mobile and you need to trap them in somewhere!

Baby Walker – Palmer started using this walker around 6 months and it was great because she would literally just follow me around the house while I did laundry, etc. It also is easy on the eyes and those things are hard to come by when it comes to baby gear.

Baby Lounger – Let’s just say when I was making this post, Mark (my husband) told me to make sure that I put this on the list! Hands down both of our favorite thing especially from 0-4 months. When Palmer wasn’t mobile yet we could literally lay this anywhere (our bed, ottoman, floor) with her in it and she loved it! She still loves laying in it when she is drinking a bottle and watching a show!

Baby SwingWe really liked this one, but to be completely honest if I were to do it all over again, I only got this one because of the way it looked. I have a lot friends that have the Mamaroo and I just think that might be a little more practical.

Jumpscape– Would entertain her for hours!

DockATot – From the day we brought Palmer home from the hospital she slept in a sleep sack in the DockATot! We started with the DockATot in the bassinet (which we also loved) in our room and after a few months transitioned the DockATot to her crib. I felt like no matter if we were traveling or we were at home, she was always sleeping in the “same place” which made her have very good sleep habits from the beginning.

Bassinet – love this and very cute!


Bath Tub – We used this when Palmer was days old and STILL use it now! Best $20 investment!!

Towels – Cute, wash well and are big! Some baby towels aren’t large enough so when they grow out of that infant phase you have to get new ones but these are perfect!

Noodle and Boo – Best smell in the whole entire world!


High Chair – I feel like its a lot of bang for you buck! Its so cute and great quality!

Bottles – SO easy to clean and easy for a baby to learn how to hold. We love these!!

Bumbo – We love ours for travel!

Bottle Drying Rack – I hate things sitting on the counter but I will allow this one.

Bibs – These bibs are great because you can literally wipe everything off and you’re good to go!


Changing Pad – This changing pad is great because it is so easy to wipe down and clean if there is an accident.

Sleep Sacks – We loved these for when Palmer was an infant, but as she got older and didn’t really like her arms confined we LOVED these! She sleeps in one every single night!!

Swaddles – our very favorites!

Lovie – Palmer couldn’t live without this! Plus it washes well and is so soft.

Diapers – Not a fan of all of the Honest products, but the diapers are amazing!

Diaper Bag – I was so excited to get this bag and it has been one of my very favorite things. Lots of compartments and pockets to put different diaper bag necessities.

Jammies – Can’t get enough of these!! They wash so well and she can stay in them way longer than the age says.

BlaBla Dolls – Another obsession of ours!

(Photo taken by my amazingly talented friend and photographer Catherine Guidry)

(Photo taken by my amazingly talented friend and photographer Catherine Guidry)


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